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The Reality of Re-selling Your Stuff

What's Hot (& What's Not) 


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The Downsizing Double Win

Support A Cause You Care About


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7 Big Downsizing Mistakes 

(& How to Avoid Them) 


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Downsizing Done Right

A comprehensive guide to support your downsizing journey

Featuring step-by-step videos, a beautiful resource book plus an exclusive Q&A session with Songbird founder 
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Songbird Stories

A series of profiles & first-person essays on the joys of downsizing

The Gardener

Moved from: 2,300- square foot, 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath home of 46 years 

Downsized to: 1,200-square foot  2-bedroom, 2-bath ranch 

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The Teacher & Traveler

Moved from: 2,600-square foot, 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home of 17 years

Downsized to: 1,500-square foot 2-bedroom, 2-bath villa 

Read Mary Ellen & Dan's Songbird Story

The Interior Designer

Moved from: 2,900 square foot, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home of 56 years

Moved to: 813 square foot, 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment

Read Susan's Songbird Story

The Speech Pathologist

Moved from: 1,700 square foot, 3 bedroom, 3 bath home of 25+ years

Downsized to: 655 square foot, 1 bedroom apartment

Read Nancy's Songbird Story

The Landscape Architects

Moved from: 2,300 square foot, 2-story condo (after previous move from 4,000 square foot, 3-story house)

Downsized to: 1,300 square foot, 2-bedroom apartment

Read Kirsten & Jurgen's Songbird Story

The Champions for Children

Moved from: 2,500 square foot, 3-story home of 5 years

Downsized to: 1,750 square foot, 1-story condominium  

Read Chris & Sue's Songbird Story

Free 3-part video series

Downsize your closet, basement or storage unit 

Learn key skills to declutter and downsize your messiest spaces 


"It's more than just a move." 

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Sorting Items with Sentimental Value

Strategies to avoid this catch phrase becoming a "catch all"
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Downsizing Done Right Toolkit

 This toolkit includes  downsizing video tutorials, a resource book plus a special Q&A session with Songbird. Downsizing Done Right is a comprehensive guide designed to help you or your loved one downsize with grace, dignity and ease.

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Online Support & Consulting

In these personalized Zoom or FaceTime consulting sessions, Songbird can help you you navigate your specific downsizing situation, no matter where you live or where you're moving. Available in 1 hour, 2 hour & 3 hour packages.

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On-Site Downsizing & Moving Services

If you live in Central Ohio, our Songbird team can help you (or your loved one) downsize and move into a senior living community or smaller home. We can manage your move from start to finish or you can choose from our menu of downsizing services. 

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Top 10 Downsizing Pro Tips 

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