"I could never have done this without Songbird." 

"Having moved with professional movers across several states, I was not accustomed to anyone caring one bit about the process, much less helping me decorate the new place. But this time was different, way different."

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-Mary Ellen & Dan
Senior Downsizing clients

Senior downsizing clients Mary Ellen & Dan

"You made my new home both comfortable and attractive."

"I'm so pleased with the quick and skillful job you did moving me into my new apartment... The whole apartment fits me perfectly."I love it."

– Dave R.
Senior Downsizing Client

Thank you letters from senior downsizing clients in Central Ohio

"Not simply 'movers'. The Songbird flock helped each day feel almost effortless."

"Songbird included us in deciding the placement of each 'twig for our new nest.' Teamwork!  Even to the hanging of pictures on the walls!  An artist’s eye is a bonus brought to the process by this special company of caring helpers.

Most important was the emotional support and encouragement we received throughout the process.  At every point when we seemed worried or concerned about how this was going to work, Sam was able to reassure us that we could relax and trust the process.  Her sage advice and wise presence let us know early on that we had not just hired a 'moving company', we had tapped into a moving ministry whose gifts are priceless."

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- Kathie H.
Senior Downsizing Client

Columbus senior downsizing client Kathie
senior downsizing smaller home in Central Ohio

"Sam and her team are everything you would want them to be: professional, hard working, thoughtful, caring, pleasant and efficient."

"Songbird delivers A+ services as they are not simply movers but a group who helps to create a comfortable living environment for their clients. Sam, Luke, Tabi, Zach and Susan were all very careful moving the delicate possessions while handling the bigger, heavier items with ease. Sam made design suggestions to help make the space look and function better demonstrating her wealth of knowledge and experience with senior living accommodations. The team made what could have been a very stressful event for our parents, who are in their 90's, a positive and relatively easy experience with an end result with which we couldn't be happier. We would highly recommend Songbird Transitions.  Thank you again!

 - Dianne & Jim P. 
Senior Downsizing Clients

Thank you letters from senior downsizing clients in Central Ohio

"Sam's enthusiasm, positive attitude and endless energy makes a stressful situation bearable, even enjoyable!"  

"Putting a home on the market to sell can be a very overwhelming and stressful process. Sam has been a great resource for clients who need help with organizing and purging their belongings in preparation for a sale and move. Sam is efficient, a good listener and responsive. I highly recommend Sam and her team at Songbird."

– Mary P.
Realtor & Home Sale Prep Client

smaller homes for senior downsizing clients in Central Ohio

"Songbird provided clarity and a plan to what looked to us as a hopeless task."

"Our family was faced with the daunting prospect of moving my father from his long time residence into an independent living facility. He had sold his house and had to move out faster than he was expecting, or was really ready for. We feel very lucky to have found Songbird Transitions. Samantha was organized and decisive, while still being very sensitive to his understandable angst. The move was wrapped up quickly and he is now happily living in his new home. We could not be more grateful or appreciative."

– Keith M.   
Senior Downsizing & Estate Dispersal Client

"I was delighted to work with Sam, Luke and team. They helped make a daunting task doable in a short period of time...and the way our parents would have done it...stewarding what they worked so hard to have and enjoyed so much!"

- Gayle M.   
Estate Dispersal & Home Sale Prep Client

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"Not just a moving company, but a caring couple who’s motivation & heart are in the right place"

"I just wanted to say thanks for the experience that my parents, have had working with you and your company in their transition to Otterbein. They have had a lot of anxiety about their move, and you & your team helped to make the transition quite a bit easier for them. Especially since my brother & I are out of state, knowing that you are not just a moving company, but a caring couple who’s motivation & heart are in the right place to help so many transition through this difficult time makes me feel better. You and your work are truly appreciated!"

-Jennifer F. 
Daughter of Senior Downsizing clients

"Downsizing and moving are stressful, but Sam, Luke - the whole team - make it fun.

"Our resident was able to enjoy the community from day one."

- Jennifer M.  
Marketing Coordinator, Kendal at Granville (now Otterbein)

smaller homes for senior downsizing clients in Columbus Ohio

"It was really hard for my father to let go of a lot of his things, but Songbird handled it all with such grace and kindness."

“Thank you so much for helping my dad with his move. Trying to move an older parent who has been in their home for over 30 years is no small feat. Trying to do it when I live in another state is even more difficult but you and your team truly made it easy. I could not have gotten through this with my father without you and your fabulous team. Many thanks — I would gladly refer anyone to you.”

– Tabor B.  
Senior Downsizing & Estate Dispersal Client


“My mom and I gave you the perfect storm for moving. A logistical nightmare. Somehow you remembered every tote, piece of furniture, bicycle, donation, random bag, and sombrero goes. I don't know how you kept it all straight, I had nightmares about how all of this would go and so far, it's almost been fun  LOL.  Thank you, for making this happen and keeping everything so together and positive. You definitely found your calling.  Glad to have met you. The world needs more Sam.”

– Susie L.   
Senior Downsizing Client 


"Songbird made this profound turning point for our family feel like something to celebrate."

When you hire Songbird Transitions, you can be assured of a skilled and considerate team- one not only capable of moving a household, but one sincerely committed to creating HOME.  In Samantha and Luke you gain trusted allies- attentive to feelings and heirlooms, memories and time. My parents felt empowered and respected by the way Samantha and Luke listened and consulted with them on every decision. I felt informed and comforted by their insight. Their years of experience, their active compassion, their unwavering good humor and positive problem solving were nothing short of astounding. There was much for my family to be grateful about with this move; Songbird brought joy. 

-Karen R. 
Senior Downsizing Client

Couch in a smaller home for seniors downsizing in Central Ohio

"I found a gem in the midst of a daunting task. I am forever thankful!"

"From our first meeting I knew Samantha was the right person to help us. We were moving my mother-in-law into assisted living and needed help with what household belongings to move and get them moved and set up for her arrival. Sam and her team did it all in one day. She & her team moved the items, set up her apartment including unpacking and hanging pictures so my MIL would feel like she was at her home. She loved everything!

Next we needed help with getting the house cleaned out and ready to sell. Sam and her team, decided what could be sold and sold it for us. She contacted an organization to donate furniture, household items and clothes and got everything staged for pick up. She arranged for a dumpster for items that we needed to get rid of. Sam is a dear to work with and I couldn’t have done it with out her!"

- Sandy S.  
Senior Downsizing, Estate Dispersal, & Home Sale Prep client

"Sam's vision for practicality and organization was needed–where my mother may not have listened to my suggestions, she listened to Sam."

"When we moved my parents from New England to Central Ohio more than a dozen years ago we were totally unprepared for the emotional pitfalls of the process. The downsizing we had hoped to accomplish was lost in debating about which items would make the trip and why. So when it was time for my 94-year-old mother to move into assisted living from her 1800-square-foot condo she was no less determined to take along everything that had come from NH to Ohio. Time to call an expert!

Samantha from Songbird was very responsive to our request. She came to meet with mother and I at both locations, assessed what needed to be done and how we would begin to sort, giving us several options, even researching where we might donate or sell some items. Having an outside party to help us was the ticket!  As for cost, Songbird worked closely with our budget and in a timely and professional manner completed the job.

For some, downsizing can be a painful process. We found Songbird to be sensitive to our situation and beneficial in helping mother to get past some of those emotional attachments to move forward. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is assisting a parent or has begun the process themselves."

– Kathy W.  
Senior Downsizing Client


decluttered living room in smaller home for seniors in central Ohio

"We knew from the very start we couldn't do it ourselves."

It was a matter of who we would work with the best, and you by a long shot turned out to be our favorite."

– Donna and Gib
Senior Downsizing clients

"Songbird brought peace of mind in a unique, challenging and exciting chapter of my parents' lives."

As an independent living coordinator at a senior living community in central Ohio, I regularly refer Songbird Transitions to families moving their loved ones to our community. So, when it was time for my family to move, there was only one choice for us. I would like to thank Songbird for an outstanding experience in assisting my in-laws with the move from their home to Middleton.  It was a very emotional time for them entering this new chapter of their life.  With all the fear and reluctance of the unknown, it posed unique challenges.  Where typically they are very organized and diligent, they did not anticipate the time needed to box things up (furniture, personal belongings, etc.) and move them out by the stated deadline to the buyer of the home they occupied for multiple decades!  My husband walked in their house and there were dishes in the shelves, forks in the drawers, and books still in their place, with 48 hours left to hand over the keys.  It was a stressful moment seeing all of this.  Songbird stopped everything they were doing, came over and did all the packing and moving under deadline.  Songbird’s flexibility, empathy and patience with all the hurried-directives is a true testament to their passion for their work, but also their sensitivity to each and every person they work with.  I cannot thank them enough for the job they did. 

- Max K.
Independent Living Coordinator & Senior Downsizing Client

"Songbird Transitions saved me!"

"I found myself needing to quickly move my parents into assisted living and I was overwhelmed with the prospect. That’s where Songbird Transitions came in. They helped me choose the right furniture and other household items. They packed it, moved it, unpacked it, and set it all up in the new location. I did nothing but give direction. They handled the remaining contents through auction, donation or disposal. They even provided house cleaning when finished. Songbird’s staff was polite, friendly, and made very helpful suggestions. I was impressed with the care and respect in which they treated my parent’s possessions. Songbird was dependable, affordable, and a comforting partner in a stressful situation. I give them my highest recommendation."

-Todd B.
Senior Downsizing & Estate Dispersal Client


decluttered storage unit in downsized smaller home in Columbus, Ohio

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