"We knew from the very start we couldn't do it ourselves...It was a matter of who we would work with the best, and you by a long shot turned out to be our favorite."

– Donna and Gib  Senior Downsizing

Our family was faced with the daunting prospect of moving my father from his long time residence into an independent living facility. He had sold his house and had to move out faster than he was expecting, or was really ready for. We feel very lucky to have found Songbird Transitions.

Samantha was organized and decisive, while still being very sensitive to his understandable angst. Songbird managed to provide clarity and a plan to what looked to us as a hopeless task. The move was wrapped up quickly and he is now happily living in his new home. We could not be more grateful or appreciative.

– Keith M.   Senior Downsizing, Estate Dispersal

Delighted to work with Sam, Luke and team....who helped make a daunting task doable in a short period of time...and the way our parents would have done it...stewarding what they worked so hard to have and enjoyed so much!

- Gayle M.   Estate Dispersal, Home Sale Prep

From our first meeting I knew Samantha was the right person to help us.

We were moving my MIL (Mother-In-Law) to an assisted living facility and needed help with what household belongings to move and get them moved and set up for her arrival. Sam and her team did it all in one day. She & her team moved the items, set up her apartment including unpacking and hanging pictures so my MIL would feel like she was at her home. She loved everything!

Next we needed help with getting the house cleaned out and ready to sell. Sam and her team, decided what could be sold and sold it for us. She contacted an organization to donate furniture, household items and clothes and got everything staged for pick up. She arranged for a dumpster for items that we needed to get rid of.

Sam is a dear to work with and I couldn’t have done it with out her. I found a gem in the midst of a daunting task and am forever thankful for her help!

- Sandy S.  Senior Downsizing, Estate Dispersal, Home Sale Prep

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Facebook Reviews

"Downsizing and moving are stressful, but Sam, Luke - the whole team - makes it fun...I think it's that energy they bring to it."

- Jennifer M.  Marketing Team for Kendal at Granville


Putting a home on the market to sell can be a very overwhelming and stressful process. Sam has been a great resource for some of my clients who need help with organizing and purging their belongings in preparation for a sale and move. Her enthusiasm, positive attitude and endless energy makes a stressful situation bearable, even enjoyable! Sam is efficient, a good listener and responsive and I highly recommend Sam and her team at Songbird.

– Mary P., Realtor   Home Sale Prep

“My mom and I gave you the perfect storm for moving. A logistical nightmare. Somehow you remembered every tote, piece of furniture, bicycle, donation, random bag, and sombrero goes. I don't know how you kept it all straight, I had nightmares about how all of this would go and so far, it's almost been fun  LOL.  Thank you, for making this happen and keeping everything so together and positive. You definitely found your calling.  You and Lucas make a wonderful pair and you have built a great life around those things. Glad to have met you. The world needs more Sam.”

– Susie L.   Senior Downsizing

“Thank you so much for helping my dad with his move. It was really hard for my father to let go of a lot of his things, but you handled it all with such grace and kindness. Trying to move an older parent who has been in their home for over 30 years is no small feat. Trying to do it when I live in another state is even more difficult but you and your team truly made it easy. I could not have gotten through this with my father without you and your fabulous team. Many thanks to you Sam — I would gladly refer anyone to you.”

– Tabor B.  Senior Downsizing, Estate Dispersal

When we moved my parents from New England to Central Ohio more than a dozen years ago we were totally unprepared for the emotional pitfalls of the process. The downsizing we had hoped to accomplish was lost in debating about which items would make the trip and why.

So when it was time for my 94-year-old mother to move into assisted living from her 1800-square-foot condo she was no less determined to take along everything that had come from NH to Ohio. Time to call an expert!

Samantha Stearns from Songbird was very responsive to our request. She came to meet with mother and I at both locations more than once, assessed what needed to be done and how we would begin to sort, giving us several options, even researching where we might donate or sell some items. Having an outside party to help us was the ticket! Her vision for practicality and organization was needed–where my mother may not have listened to my suggestions, she listened to Sam. When I wanted to take some of the discarded items home, I listened to Sam. As for cost, Songbird worked closely with our budget and in a timely and professional manner completed the job.

For some, downsizing can be a painful process. We found Songbird to be sensitive to our situation and beneficial in helping mother to get past some of those emotional attachments to move forward. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is assisting a parent or has begun the process themselves.

– Kathy W.  Senior Downsizing

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