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Downsizing Done Right to help you or your loved one downsize with grace, dignity & ease

On-Site Downsizing & Moving Services

If you live in Central Ohio, our Songbird team can help you (or your loved one) downsize and move into a senior living community or smaller home. We can manage your move from start to finish or you can choose from our menu of downsizing services. 

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downsizing consulting and support for seniors in Central Ohio

Online Support, Consulting & Coaching

In these personalized Zoom or FaceTime consulting sessions, Songbird can help you you navigate your specific downsizing situation, no matter where you live or where you're moving. Available in 1 hour, 2 hour & 3 hour packages.

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Support to declutter and downsize to smaller home in Central Ohio

Downsizing Done Right Toolkit

 This toolkit includes  downsizing video tutorials, a resource book plus a special Q&A session with Songbird. Downsizing Done Right is a comprehensive guide designed to help you or your loved one downsize with grace, dignity and ease.

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On-Site Services Available in Central Ohio 

Songbird Transitions specializes in helping older adults downsize and move into senior living communities and smaller homes. We can manage your move from start to finish or you can choose from our menu of downsizing services to best suit your needs.  


  • Meet with Songbird Transitions founder Samantha Stearns¬†to get to know one another.
  • Discuss your downsizing needs, goals and timeline with Sam and complete a walk-through of your property to assess the scope of the project.
  • Review Songbird Transitions' downsizing services and discuss next steps.¬†
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Planning & Preparation

  • Songbird works with you to identify all of your "must-have" furniture, decor pieces and belongings to move to your new home.¬†
  • We create a proposed space plan for your new home using your existing furniture.
  • We develop a moving timeline and to-do list in preparation for your downsize.¬†


  • Songbird brings boxes, bins, paper and other professional-grade supplies to start the packing process.
  • We begin by focusing on non-essential furnishings and belongings that are not used every day.¬†
  • Furniture and other household items used regularly will be packed immediately before moving in order to minimize disruptions to your daily routine.¬†


  • Songbird serves as your single point of contact for the move.
  • Our team carefully loads your furnishings into our vehicle fleet and transports them to your new home. Alternately, we can coordinate directly with third-party moving companies.
  • When Songbird's packing, unpacking and moving services are combined, a move can be completed in as little as two days.

Unpacking & Interior Re-Design

  • Songbird unpacks and puts away all of your belongings in your new home. Utilizing your existing furnishings, we decorate and re-design each room, taking extra care to replicate the general "look and feel" of your previous home.
  • In addition to hanging artwork and decor, we re-assemble furniture, plug in lamps and set up electronics.¬†
  • We take care of all finishing touches including making the beds and tidying up so you can feel right at home and enjoy your new space immediately.¬†
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Estate Dispersal & House Clear Out

  • After the move into your new downsized space is complete, Songbird manages the dispersal of any remaining items in your prior residence.
  • We coordinate the distribution of household contents to designated family members, auctioneers, or consigners.
  • We manage the sale, donation and safe disposal of any items no longer needed including furniture, documents, household chemicals and mattresses.

Home Sale Preparation

  • Songbird manages any cleaning, painting and other minor touch-ups to your prior residence to make it ready to sell.¬†
  • We coordinate with third party service providers such as carpet cleaners, landscapers, or realtors in order to make the home sell quickly and efficiently.¬†
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Age in Place

Home Organization & Interior Re-Design

If moving is not the best option for you or your loved one right now, you can still enjoy many of the benefits of downsizing by de-cluttering and re-organizing your current home so you can safely¬†age‚ÄĒand thrive‚ÄĒin¬†place. Simply put, we help make your home work better for you. With a focus on safety and efficiency for aging adults, Songbird Transition's Home Re-Organization & Re-design Service optimizes your existing space by clearing out clutter and sorting, discarding and donating unneeded items or delivering household items to local family. We then re-design your space using your existing furniture to maximize efficiency and minimize trip hazards and other safety concerns.¬†


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"If you are ready to start the downsizing process, or if you have a question that is not covered in the FAQ above, please contact me."

-Samantha Stearns
Songbird Transitions founder 



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 "It was really hard for my father to let go of a lot of his things, but Songbird handled it all with such grace & kindness."

-Tabor B.

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