With Gratitude




 Thank you for joining us on this journey


In this season of giving thanks, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the many people who have helped to make this the most impactful year yet for Songbird Transitions. 
Because a few words on a card simply aren't enough, we thought it would be more fun to share with you a series of three short video greetings.
Family is not confined to those that are related by blood or share a branch on our family tree. Family extends far beyond to our team members as well as the many Songbird clients that become like extended family members during the downsizing process. We love, adore and thank you all. 
Partnerships and meaningful relationships with senior living communities and local service organizations sustain our work. We are grateful for the invaluable recommendations and referrals provided by our many partners. And we give thanks for the many non-profit donation centers that help us divert useable furniture and home goods from the landfill and also furnish homes for foster kids and families in need--all causes we care about.  Thank you! 
New programs allow us to connect with and support clients near and far in creative and pragmatic ways through Songbird Support and Downsizing Done Right. We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve so many more families --- no matter where they live or where they plan to "relocate their nest."  Thank you!