Downsizing Done Right


Help your loved one downsize with grace, dignity and ease 

A comprehensive downsizing toolkit with step-by-step videos, resource book and exclusive Q&A session with downsizing expert

 Are you...


...concerned that your loved one can't continue living in their current home?


...stressed out just thinking about coordinating a downsize and move?


...overwhelmed with all of the "stuff" that accumulates over a lifetime? 


...unsure how to help a loved one without it becoming a major stressor on your relationship?


...exhausted just thinking about what to do next?  


You're not alone.


Moving to a new home is stressful on its own. 


But navigating a move to a senior living community with an aging parent or loved one can pose many additional challenges.  


Getting some expert support and guidance can mean the difference between a seamless experience and a disastrous one.

Downsizing Done Right is designed to help you and your loved one navigate the process with grace, dignity and ease. 


Songbird chatting with Senior

Downsizing Done Right 

Get expert downsizing support from Songbird Transitions no matter where you live.
Downsizing Done Right toolkit includes:

Video Tutorials

Bite-sized videos you can watch on-demand on any device

Resource Book

Instant access to helpful planning tools, checklists & more

Q&A Session

Get expert support for your downsizing situation

Gain the clarity you need to support your loved one during their downsize.


Avoid the anxiety about planning the move and managing all their stuff. 


Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that a downsized space will better serve your loved one.  


Gain the confidence you need to help transition your loved one to a senior living community. 


Feel relieved knowing their new home is safe, accessible and designed for them to age gracefully.

Downsizing Done Right

Toolkit includes video tutorials, resource book plus a Q&A with instructor

$297 Holiday special price: $99
Sam Stearns, founder of Songbird Transitions

Hi! I’m Sam.  

I’ve helped hundreds of older adults downsize and move into assisted living, independent condos and smaller homes. I’m passionate about helping families navigate this process with compassion and kindness.
I know firsthand how stressful it can be to move to a new home. It can be overwhelming for anyone. But helping an aging parent or loved one move from a home they’ve lived in a long time can pose additional challenges and stress.  
I created Downsizing Done Right to help you and your loved navigate the process of downsizing to a senior living community or smaller home with grace, dignity and ease.  
In this toolkit, I take you step-by-step through the planning and organizing process I use daily with Songbird Transitions' downsizing clients.
I share all my top conversation starters, sorting techniques and strategies for handling items with sentimental value. I’ve also created checklists, to-do lists and other helpful information in the printable resource book that complements the on-demand videos.  
I’ve poured so much thought and energy into creating a comprehensive program that provides meaningful support and guidance to you and your loved one during this major life transition. 
I'm here to help you! 
Samantha Stearns
Founder, Songbird Transitions

Downsizing Done Right 

Help your loved one transition to a senior living community with grace, dignity and ease. 

Getting Started

Module 1

In this module you'll learn about red flag concerns to look out for prior to helping a loved one move. We'll go over the benefits of taking a proactive approach to downsizing and share strategies for getting the conversation started with you loved one. 


Making a Plan

Module 2

Learn more about the levels of care, fee structures and amenities available within senior care communities to determine the best fit for your loved one. We'll provide space planning tips and tricks and share strategies for selecting what to move and what to let go. 

Getting There

Module 3

In this module we'll go over the steps in managing a move and explore creative ways to set up a downsized space. We'll also share sorting and packing strategies to minimize stress, facilitate familiarity and ensure a seamless transition to the new space. 

Learn key skills and important steps 

In Downsizing Done Right you'll learn:  

  • Conversation starters to help guide discussions about housing & senior living options 

  • Important red flag concerns to look out for as your loved one ages

  • What to do --and what NOT to do-- when helping your loved one downsize 

  • 12 critical questions to ask when considering a senior living community  

  • Strategies to sort what to keep and what to let go 

  • Downsizing tips that will save you valuable time, alleviate stress (and save your sanity!) 

 Get expert support, guidance & advice   

Time-tested downsizing strategies to help you avoid common roadblocks and stress factors

 Bonus Materials 

Get these special bonus materials with Downsizing Done Right 

  • Customizable downsizing planning timeline

  • List of key questions to ask before hiring a moving company  

  • Moving and packing checklists, supply lists and pro tips

Downsizing Done Right

Self-paced program includes video tutorials, resource book and Q&A with instructor

$297 Holiday special price: $99

Created with Care

Downsizing Done Right is designed for:


  • Adult children (and grandchildren) of seniors 

  • Caregivers   

  • Anyone seeking to support a loved one through their downsize  

Meet Your Instructor

Samantha Stearns, Founder of Songbird Transitions 

Since founding Songbird Transitions in 2016, Samantha Stearns has helped hundreds of older adults downsize and move to senior living communities or smaller homes across Central Ohio. 
Born and raised in Northwest Ohio, Sam’s degrees and early career in professional dance and television production took her and her husband, Luke, to Massachusetts, Arizona and Colorado before the couple moved back to Ohio in 2015 to be closer to family.   
 Drawing upon on what she learned from downsizing her parents and grandmother, and using her experience in event production and project management, Sam started helping older adults downsize prior to moving into a local continuing care retirement community. Sam helped to declutter and sort their belongings, discard and donate their unneeded household items and expertly planned and organized all the details for each move. As word of Sam’s skills spread, she quickly built a waiting list of seniors seeking her assistance. Soon after, Songbird Transitions was born.  
With hundreds of downsizes under her belt, Sam is considered a leading expert in the field of senior downsizing. She now consults and coaches families across the country how to make the transition into a downsized home as smooth and stress-free as possible.  
Sam Stearns, Songbird Transitions founder

"Downsizing Done Right was the course I didn't know I needed."

When speaking with my parents about what the future holds for them, we tended to begin each conversation with a stressful deep breath as we tackled this unknown and overwhelming topic of downsizing and transitioning to senior living. At the end of taking this online course, however, I found myself taking a deep breath of relief as my ignorance, trepidation, and stresses were alleviated by Sam. Watching the videos was like sitting down with a friend over coffee reminding me that this chapter in life does not have to be stressful as she’ll hold my hand, and thus my parents’ hands, through each step. The resource book that accompanies Downsizing Done Right is accessible, organized, and includes timelines and checklists that will allow me to have all the information in the palm of my hands when the moment arrives for this next chapter of living for my parents. 
-Dana G.
October 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

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"Downsizing Done Right is a Great Tool."

As a Real Estate Office that provides a similar hands-on approach to helping seniors move, we often recommend Downsizing Done Right to our clients and their families. Songbird Transitions provides this great tool offering information and guidance each step of the way from initiating the conversation to finalizing the move. We appreciate Samantha’s caring approach and will continue to recommend her materials to our new clients.

-Emily G.
207 Prime Properties

Downsizing Done Right

Toolkit includes video tutorials, resource book and Q&A with instructor

$297  Special holiday price: $99