It's More Than Just a Move

Sep 07, 2020


I’m Sam. I own and operate a small senior downsizing business out of a sweet little village called Granville, Ohio. We are located 35 miles east of Columbus and service a 45-mile radius of empty-nesters and seniors who are looking for assistance in their downsizing transition.  

Often, our clients have lived in their homes for more than a decade (or six!), and they are moving to an independent, assisted-living, or memory-care facility. Moving can be really stressful, but a downsizing move can be even more stressful because it typically requires getting rid of many familiar and cherished furnishings. An extra layer of challenge is added when children are not living in the same town, or even state, as their parents.  

Even when family members live close by, they want to focus on supporting the loved one who is moving, but they are also trying to tackle the logistics of the move itself. Trying to offer emotional support while simultaneously helping a person shed belongings can be hard because so many feelings are involved. That’s where we come in. When families contact us, they’re able to focus on the person while we focus on the "stuff” and the details that will make the transition as seamless and pain free as possible. I always share with our clients that our goal is to be like an extended family member who is eager to help with the move. We handle our clients downsizing transitions with great care and compassion and then, if needed, we can return to the home and take care of its transition” too.  

When I say we take care of the “home transition” too, I mean that we clear out and disperse all remaining furnishings and help prepare the home for sale. Typically, our clients have lived in their home for 20-60 years, and the style/décor of the home has remained the same since the day it was purchased. We take care of refreshing the home and often some repairs that need attention as well.  When the house is “market ready,” the home transition is complete.  

Since starting Songbird Transitions in 2017, we’ve completed over 100 moves with our tiny but mighty team. We’ve learned a LOT in that time, met wonderful people, and made a lot of incredible memories. Now we want to share some of the inspirational and practical nuggets from our experiences. We think it’s good timing: according to the 2020 census, there are 73 million baby boomers in our country who are likely going to need to downsize in the coming years. 

So, this blog, Songbird Stories, is for seniors, their families and anyone interested in the work we do. If you’re facing a downsizing transition, estate dispersal, or home sale prep, it’s normal to think “Am I the only one going through this right now?” or “Surely my parents are the only people who have this much stuff in their garage (or attic or basement)! 😄 It can be easy to feel alone during this time, so here’s hoping you’ll find Songbird Stories a place for inspiration and reassurance that you’re definitely not alone!  

I hope you’ll stay tuned as we continue this new, digital chapter of Songbird Transitions. If you know someone who could benefit from Songbird Stories or is in the midst of a downsizing transition, please pass it along We want to help as many people as we possibly can because we acutely understand that this process is #MoreThanJustAMove. 

At my core, I have a boatload of love for aging seniors, as well as an overflowing cup of compassion for any and everyone facing this stage in their life. We are privileged to get to play a small role in our clients’ lives while we learn about and celebrate their experiences. 

I’m here wearing my heart on my sleeve.  

In Kindness and Appreciation for your time, 


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